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My blog.

I feel like I owe it an apology. It’s been so neglected. If only I could drink green tea or pound diet pepsi when pregnant. (ahhh….only in my dreams…)

I really only have pregnancy to blame (people will let you get away with anything if you tell them you are pregnant) but this fall, as busy as I was and as rewarding as my sessions were, blogging just fell way down the list. I love to blog. I love to get a session up as soon as I edit it. What happened? One thing I tried was not sharing immediately on facebook or my blog so they had time to get Christmas cards out to surprise everyone when they opened them. Between that and being too tired to stay up until 2am for blogging, I just got way too behind. Now I am on a mission. Mission, bring back the blog. I’ve got so many sessions to blog from the fall that are so awesome with my favorite families!! So, keep checking back to see them all!

Here’s a few of my own to get the party started. My goal this year is to take her out and shoot more. I literally end up throwing her in the front yard and snapping pics under pressure (ex: this was taken on December 8, right before our disney trip and I got our cards out the week of Christmas this year!!) Nonetheless, they are her and she is perfect to me. Enjoy!  :-)

More to come!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Holly - January 23, 2011 - 2:18 am

She is a doll! So beautiful!!

Mistie - January 28, 2011 - 3:49 pm

Great pics of Reece, she is such a cutie! She goes to dance with my daugher Haley!

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